Elite Upper Series Info

Elite Upper Series is designed for Men's B, C and D teams (E teams can play). A $1000 deposit to join ($1,000 will be held until team have played in four events, then $1,000 can be used for entry fees for events #5 and #6) **$100 of the $1000 will be used for admin costs

Teams will pay entry fees the each tournament via (paypal friends and Family) on the Tuesday before the event. Brackets will be published on Wednesday.

Teams that do not join can still play in the Elite Series. They will just have to pay a higher fee. See Schedule

What is included in the cost.
  • 1. Six Tournaments counts towards points.
  • 3. AD Starr Tattoo Softballs will be provided for all events
  • 4. All Bats are tested and bucketed at each event.
  • 7. Statistics page showing leaders/rankings in 10 different categories.
  • 8. Team profile page with player profiles and player ranking for statistics.
  • 9. Player Contracts
  • 10. Awards ceremony at the Series Championships in Myrtle Beach.
  • 11. Two umpires per game will be used in the Elite Upper Series.
  • 12. Event awards determined on a weekly bases.

Date Deadlines

1. Friday, March 9th is the due date for the $1,000 deposit.

2. Friday, March 9th is the due date for schedules.

3. Rosters need to be set by Friday, March 16th.


1. Rosters can be added to up unitl 36 hours prior.

2. The first six events pairings will be ramdon. With the last six events based on points.

3. Regular USSSA Roster rules apply.

2018 teams to play

# Teams Playing Deposit Made
1. Lewis Lawncare Services/Dowork/Haymark Masonry (SC) WORKING ON IT
2. Timeless/Carolina Drive (NC) PAID
3. SAL-8 (VA) PAID
4. Clouds Brewing/BAF Sports/Worth (NC) PAID
5. PTI/Shepherd's Heating & Air (VA) PAID
6. Bad Draw/Halfway House (NC) PAID
7. BrewMasters/Hooters/BKB/HB Sports/Miken (NC) WORKING ON IT
8. TRU Sports/Selling Virginia/CA Gear/Miken/Worth (VA) PAID
9. Don Church Team (NC) PAID
10. CrunchTime/Haterz (NC) WORKING ON IT
11. Killmans - (SC) PAID
12. A&D/H&H/Dynamite (SC) PAID
13. RB Lawncare (NC) PAID
15. Smashmouth/Dirty Earl (NC) PAID
1. Chosen (NY)
2. Legion of Boom (FL)
3. Chick-fil-A / Worth (VA)