Home Run Rule
Each team will get 6 homeruns during a game. After that it is just an OUT.
Regular USSSA rosters apply. The first roster you are on is the roster you will play on until the coach releases the player. If the coach will not release a player, then the player can email the Commishers Office for help.
You can play in as many events as you want. We will only take the top 6 events in points to calulate the points total. The Last Chance event will be double Points.
Bat Testing
Each team will get 25 bats tested with 20 bats making it into the bucket. Once 20 bats make it into the bucket, no more will be tested. All failed bats will be held until the end of the tournament.

*** If bat breaks during tournament, a replacement bat can be tested and put in the bucket.

*** If bat enters the dugout during tournament, that bat will be disqualified from play and NO other bat will be tested as a replacement.
Pitcher Rubber
Floating Rubber - Regular USSSA Tournament rules apply. Pitchers have the normal 2' x 6' box to pitch from.
Courtesy Runners
National Rules Apply - One per inning with anyone in the lineup. If you don't have an out in the first inning, then you don't get a courtesy runner.
Softballs will be provided for all Elite Upper Series games. The AD Starr Tattoo Classic M softball will be used for all games.
Uniforms and Conduct
All series teams MUST wear matching uniforms - pants or shorts, shirts and hats. No Do-rags, bandanas, etc will be allowed. Hats must be facing foward. Fighting will not be tolerated. Those individuals that are found to have instigated the fight and those who throw punches are subject to being ejected from the tournament and/or multiple tournaments for their actions.
Hurry Up Rule
90 seconds in between innings is what is allowed. Players can throw the ball around only in the first inning. (from when the last out is recorded until the batter steps in the box). Batters who are not ready to step into the batter’s box at the appointed time will begin taking strikes until they are ready to hit.
Regular Rules will be in effect
20, 15 and 15 will be the run rule used for the Elite Upper Series.